The City of New Albany Street Department coordinates questions or concerns on the following matters:

  • Pot Holes
  • Cleaning Issues
  • Signage
  • Traffic Signals
  • Tree Board Maintenance
  • Line of Sight Issues (Vegetation overgrowth blocking signs/signals)
  • Paving Priorities
  • Sidewalk Hazards
  • Traffic Paint (Striping)
  • Snow Removal
  • Street Closures/Barricades




Mickey Thompson, Right-of-Way Coordinator

Pam Badger, Payroll/Claims Clerk
Handles employee payroll, claims, requests for Street Cut Permits and other paperwork related to the daily functions of the Street Dept.

Versie Macon, Receptionist
Logs all incoming calls and directs calls to the proper department as needed. 812-948-5352

Joddie Johnson, Garage Supervisor
Oversees the daily maintenance of City vehicles/equipment. 812-948-5368

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(812) 948-5333