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April 26, 2014

Was a busy weekend in the Parks and Recreation department with an indoor yardsale at the Griffin Center, Serve Day at Bicknell Park, Youth Fastpitch Tournament at Billy Herman Ballpark, and a men’s invitational tournament at Anderson Park.
Serve Day with Northside Church- Swing Set Installation

Serve Day 1  Serve Day 2  Serve Day 3 Serve Day 4  Serve Day 5  Serve Day 6 Serve Day 7

Fastpitch at Billy Herman Ballpark


Men’s Invitational at Anderson Park

SB 1 4.26  SB 2 4.26  SB 3 4.26
SB 4 4.26  SB 5 4.26
SB 6 4.26  SB 7 4.26

March 24, 2014
Opened up at Anderson Park with our Spring Men’s Softball League.  We had a great turnout and are excited about the upcoming year.  Thank you to all those who made it possible…Park Maintenance, Jim McMahel, Trica McMahel, Luanne Boes Snook, and Hammy Hillegas.

Mens League 1 3.14  Mens League 6 3.14  Mens League 4 3.14
Mens League 5 3.14  Mens League 2 3.14  Mens League 7 3.14
Mens League 8 3.14

January 20, 2014
In honor of Martin Luther King we hosted the Community Celebration of Unity event and the Griffin Recreation Center.  Thank you to all who made this event possible, those who attended, and to the UofL Black Diamond Choir for an incredible performance.


October 25, 2013
Our maintenance staff has been hard at work this week kicking off the start to revitalizing our parks.  Please feel free to reach out to us with suggestions, comments, and/or questions.

Sertoma- Before  After 1Works in Progress 1

September 23, 2013
The previously known Bud Flynn Center has been undergoing renovation and will soon be known as the New Albany Parks and Recreation building and headquarters. Please follow our progress.

Flynn Park Week 1

Flynn Park Week 2

Flynn Park Week 3

Flynn Park Week 4

Flynn Park Week 5

Flynn- Week 6

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