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The Mt. Tabor Road project is set to begin construction in Summer 2018, and will run from the intersection of Grant Line and Mt. Tabor Road to the intersection of Klerner Lane and Mt. Tabor Road. It will include new sidewalk construction, new drainage systems, relocated utilities, and road stabilization efforts along hillsides on Mt. Tabor Road. At the intersection of Mt. Tabor and Klerner Lane, a traffic signal with left-turn lanes will be constructed. While it was originally scheduled to be a roundabout, the neighborhood feedback that we received showed that the residents were in favor of a different solution.

In 2013, the roadway experienced a failure along the north hillside near East Oakwood Drive. The city immediately proceeded with an emergency repair at the road slide in order to keep the roadway safe, but this project will provide a much more long-term fix for the stabilization issues along Mt. Tabor Road.

Mount Tablor Road Project 1 of 2

Mount Tabor Road Project 2 of 2

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