Flood Control

About City of New Albany Flood Control:

The City of New Albany Flood Control Department is responsible for maintaining 3.5 miles of flood wall, consisting of 2.81 miles of earth levee and .69 miles of concrete wall. There are six pumping plants, one sandbag closure, three service openings, seven movable closures and numerous drainage structures. It is Flood Control’s responsibility to make sure pumping plants are in operating condition at all times, movable closers have all pieces accounted for and positioned in their proper storage units, and all drainage structures clear of debris. In addition, Flood Control is responsible for keeping the landscape properly manicured. These tasks are accomplished with a five member crew and one administrator. In the event of a flood, it is our responsibility, with the help of the New Albany Fire Department, to make sure all pumping plants, while in operation, are manned 24 hours a day, all closures are adequately installed, and all drainage structures are closed.

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