Protecting life safety and improving the quality of life of our citizens and their neighborhoods through dedicated service and enforcement of the building codes and city ordinances.

The building department conducts inspections on commercial and residential construction projects, as well as, locate and monitor un-safe and vacant structures for potential demolition and/or rehabilitation. We issue permits and licenses to contractors and manage the city’s code enforcement efforts, such as property maintenance and cleanliness of premises. The grass and weed control program is an added division of code enforcement that is managed through the building department and plays a vital role in our successful property management program. We serve as a resource to contractors, developers and citizens and provide assistance when needed in the areas of construction and code enforcement.

The building commission board members meet the first Monday of the month at 4:00 P.M. beginning in January.

Building Department:     812-948-5371

Kathy Smith Ext: 132

ksmith@albany.dev.cc (all questions or application in regards to the Building Dept. are to e-mailed to this address)

Code Enforcement and Grass and Weed   812-948-5309

John Burger                     Ext: 133                 jburger@albany.dev.cc

Whitney Ginkins               Ext: 129                 wginkins@albany.dev.cc

Dennis Smith                    Ext: 454                dsmith@albany.dev.cc


Ordinance Fees


NOTE: FENCE PERMITS are given through the Planning & Zoning. 

Required Inspections

Residential Permits

Residential Building Permit

Residential Electrical Permit

Residential HVAC Permit

Residential Plumbing Permit

Residential Demolition Permit

Swimming Pool Permit

Commercial Permits

Commercial Building Permit

Commercial Electrical Permit

Commercial HVAC and/or Appliance Permit

Commercial Plumbing Permit

Commercial Demolition Permit

Application for Fire Protection System Installation

Meter Inspection Permit

Meter Based Inspection Permit

Fire Protection System

Fire Protection System Permit

License Renewals:

Download the License Application for New and Renewal

Download Complaint Form

George Schureck – Building Commissioner
Kathy Smith – Building Department Administrator

Brad Ramsey – Code Enforcement Officer
John Burger – Code Enforcement Officer
Whitney Ginkins – Code Enforcement Assistant


George Schureck
Building Commissioner
311 Hauss Square,
Room 309
New Albany, IN 47150-3586
(812) 948-5371

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(812) 948-5333